You’re Pregnant.

You don’t feel ready to parent or raise a child, yet you’re not comfortable with the idea of terminating the pregnancy.

You’re trying to figure out what to do. This is no time to make big decisions quickly.

First, slow down. Take some time to consider your alternatives. You have more than you might realize.

Talk with your Mom.

This is the time to turn to an adult in your life. The one person who loves you the most of anyone on earth will be able to talk with you and put your best interests first. You can also talk with a counselor at an adoption agency or local clinic.


It’s not just a decision between abortion
and parenting.

YOU have the opportunity to create a family for a couple that would *love* to parent.

“I was placed for adoption at birth. It is that action that shows how much my biological mom loved me. She was 16 when she became pregnant with me in a small town… The gift that [my birthmother] gave me was giving me to a family that could provide for me, care for me, and raise me in ways that she knew she could not. Her loving act of giving me up is something that I am so grateful for.” – Adam, San Jose

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